Human domesticated life is no life

Humans don’t chose what they eat nor they get it themselves, they get it from the shop not for convenience but so they don’t lose time and can focus only in their modern swl(slave wage labor), in the process their body’s are controlled by the non-food they put in their body.
This is a leviathanic cycle AKA closed vicious en-jailing circle or even, The circle of death and deceive.
Since most time of their life time is consumed with swl, humans can’t eat they can only be fed, they are then fed with the wrong fuel for their type of vessel which makes them sick, sicken the body and the soul will follow.
Medical propaganda then says disease is natural and allied with big pharma comes up with a solution, synthetic drugs, obviously this doesn’t cure anything on the contrary only prolongs the human slow agony with the now newly created, chronic diseases.
They find themselves spending a lot of their, fake virtual wage in pharma and as their vessels grow older disease also grows so does the monetary expenses for more pharma the only thing going down is their, fake virtual wage because, irony, they can’t produce as much as they used to when the vessel was in better shape. And so in the end they are discarded to make room for the next generation, not until they are sucked dry of anything of value to civilization.
So human domesticated life serves the only purpose of feeding civilization in its exponential growth, there is no real benefit for humans, they are just little pieces of machinery.
Sure humans live longer now thanks to technology but it is so they can continue to produce longer, no surprise then that when life expectancy grows so does their swl sentence time and they also live longer in sickness.

Civilization hunger for biomass is Ginormous and we are next

As the beast consumes all living things in its path the most defenseless are the most horrible treated, we have the example of factory farming, the most disgusting exploitation of something alive, billions of animals are mere objects discarded every single year, their body parts are treated like components, they will feed the monster in its exponential growth ad infinitum.
Other animals are displayed in cages as they cannot be easily domesticated others used as pets, all this to further domesticate zeks but above all to generate more work with all the industry and skilled work it generates this of course creates a sort of feedback loop again to feed and expand the beast.
This is total madness now animals are forced fed their brothers and sisters some of them with the wrong fuel, food their body’s didn’t evolve to take at least not in such big quantities.
Next with the advent of robotics and AI(artificial intelligence), the beast will have no purpose for such a big human population except maybe for a selected few, the rest will be most likely the next factory farmed animals at least until the machines get to outperform humans fisically in every single aspect.
Yes that is right the matrix movies are not at all that far fetch.
It is not so much that machines will take over is more like civilization will use machines to replace humans and/or use us exactly like cows chickens and pigs are used today, besides that the beast already uses us as cogs and levers to be able to move around.

A solução, será ???

Desmantelar a tecnologia, abandonar as cidades, diminuir a população.
O tempo de antena da civilização acabou, o resultado esta á vista.
Agora ou nunca, o planeta grita por ajuda enquanto a besta resiste, está na hora de preparar a estaca para no seu vazio espetar.

A dystopia cavalgante sem limites nem fronteiras continua a domesticar
e os zeks a admirar,
para o estado da natureza temos que voltar.

A mãe natureza tem que prevalecer, os elfos seus emissários a lançar o contra-fogo para o fogo extinguir e neste momento urge a purga da besta na região do algarve onde tenta sugar o liquido escuro das profundezas do oceano.
Para nos livrarmos da armadura basta pensar como era quando viviamos no estado da natureza em liberdade, liberdade essa que não vemos á cerca de 12 mil anos.

Selfishness as an excuse to close the eyes at the current dystopia

If humans are naturally selfish and greedy then all wrongdoing is excused, capitalism/communism/fascism is not our fault, there is no need to try and fix it or accept that it has failed. No need to take responsibility it just is the way it is, then lets fuck it up a little more or enclose ourselves in out little bobbles. Its never my fault its our nature after all.
Except this can’t be further then the truth, first ask yourself, Am i greedy and selfish ? Most people will say no, then if most people say they are not selfish how the fuck is the common sense this days that people are selfish by nature. Second from a logic evolutionary point of view if it was in our nature to be selfish we wouldn’t have survived past the cave man phase or even before since we would just be killing and stealing each others, without mutual aid we wouldn’t be where we are today so we are by nature the opposite of selfish.
Now, you can argue that Today we are selfish and there is a few good reasons for that, we are conditioned by mass society, capitalism, state or just Civilization, which confines us inside a box where it tell us how to think and act, rules and laws will make sure you do and as a last resort the state holds the monopoly on violence so you are always fucked. Cities are also not helpful at all because they disconnect us from nature, the same goes for the industrial/technological machinery.
Technology once thought to come in our aid by automating tasks for humans, it is now effectively automating humans themselves, there will be a point humans wont even be necessary anymore.
Its specially convenient for the people most on the top making the most profit that we remain selfish, for that to happen they make sure we work against each others, zek against zek against everything including mother earth.
You are only selfish while you use your leviathans mask if you can’t take it of at least learn to see from behind it with human eyes.
Let’s kill the beast and reboot back into the state of nature.

Exponential growth ad infinitum, is the beast stupid ?

One of the characteristics of the beast is growing exponentially forever, feeding on everything in its path, by simply using natural deduction it can be easily understood this will not last.
Civilization is now burning the planets biomass both renewable energy and non-renewable at an increasingly exponential rate, this is expelled to outer space in the form of heat and light that will never be recovered again at this rate, this will result in a cold inhospitably planet.
The blind technological/industrial machinery can only see profit, we need balance and to achieve it we don’t need only to cut on production we need to drastically reduce it.
Destroy your tablet and phone, dismantle factory’s, grow your own food.
It is urgent to reboot mankind and get rid of civilization in order to achieve equilibrium with mother nature, we are not alone in here, Civilization is selfish stupid and apparently suicidal.

The labor hierarchy bullshit used by the top

An unnatural system that oppresses both boss and worker, causing tensions between humans by keeping both boss and worker in an artificial conflict that benefits no one and prevents the worker from actually doing his job. Benefits no one, that is no one but the powers and powerful above since boss and worker will continue distracted by a never ending clash of petty differences.
In this system the boss itself will get frustrated and disturbed for he thinks he is doing nothing but what he is supposed to do, needless to say the boss is also easily dispensable like a toy.
This tactic works best if the boss is recruited among workers, as seen thru-out the centuries for example within slaves, often the best tactics to keep slaves under control would be to recruit a slave to boss around the other slaves.
Labor hierarchy is contrary to human nature and will only create tensions and problems maybe even wars.
A clean reboot is absolutely necessary to end the current dystopia. We are all zeks in the eyes of the beast.

25 de abril e a passagem do testemunho

O dia em que o fascismo foi destronado, e suplantado pelo dito estado democrático, que aliás é uma republica, ou seja o estado desenvolveu-se e adaptou-se á mudança dos tempos, portanto foi passado o testemunho para a manutenção do estado civilizacional.
Mas nem tudo foi mau, afinal a besta dividiu-se um pouco mais, talvez dando aos zeks uma oportunidade de se libertarem, e sim
eu estou a escrever isto o que não invalida o óbvio.
Basicamente deu-se uma transferência de poder de um regime autoritário para outro mais complexamente autoritário com toda sua dinâmica de se camuflar ora á esquerda ora á direita, de acordo com o progresso isto seria positivo,
analisando á lupa a liberdade continua longe e é aliás hipócrita e
enganador denominar este dia como o dia da liberdade, essa só será alcançada, não automaticamente, depois de desmantelada a actual civilização.
Támbem o lápis que antes era azul agora usa tinta invisível e ondas hertzianas, afinal já ninguém tem nada a esconder.
Avante progresso e tecnologia ? Ou a besta a desenvolver ?
De um ponto de vista civilizacional o 25 de abril é um peidito bem esgalhado, entretanto para nós que aqui andamos agora, dá para respirar um pouco melhor.

Republics/Democracy’s, a rotating system of small dictatorships

As revolutions are cyclical and apparently inevitable, modern republics found a way to maintain themselves and fix this problem by internally rotating small dictatorships, called governments, this way the people can use their votes to make small revolutions every four years or so and are kept quiet and happy knowing they made the revolution, like when you give kids candy.
Therefore we need not elections or revolutions we need a social revolution or even better, A clean reboot.

Homework: Read, dictators were members of republics probably the first ones.